Oil Clean-up Services


Clean Fuels Associates offers professional services for various types of fuel clean-up and oil clean-up needs. Spanning from small-scale gasoline and diesel clean-ups to large-scale oil spill clean-ups, we are able to handle a wide range of demands.

Our experts help many different customers with:

  • Oil Clean-up
  • Gasoline Clean-Up
  • Diesel Clean-Up

Whether it is a small leak or an emergency spill, we have the resources with the added experience to manage any cases of fuel spill containment and disposal.

Your Oil Clean-up Solution

At Clean Fuels Associates, our team of fuel clean-up professionals perform above OSHA standards. Additionally, our technicians and CDL drivers are HAZWOPER-certified and HAZMAT-endorsed. With years of experience providing gasoline, diesel, and oil clean-up services, our focus is to help make the local environment a better and more sustainable place to live and conduct business. Fuel-based companies encounter all types of hazardous situations. Our mission at Clean Fuels Associates is clean-up and prevent these issues before and when they arise. As a EPA registered and “Green” certified organization, you can trust Clean Fuels Associates with all of your fuel clean-up needs.

Leader For Oil Spill Containment

Clean Fuels Associates is among the minority of companies that use the most cutting-edge equipment and resources that exceed OSHA safety standards, in addition to EPA and DOT regulations. Leading the way with fuel and oil spill containment, we are registered with the EPA as a “Hazardous Waste Recycling Facility.” Knowing that our fuel and oil spill containment solutions are trusted and comply with state and federal legislation eases the worries of customers.

No matter your unique needs, we offer a solution for every fuel-based business. Whether your business requires fuel cleaning and filtration, tank cleaning and maintenance, fuel recycling, or fuel disposal, Clean Fuels Associates can do it. Our wide range of fuel services ensures that our customers reduce fuel issues and maintain high-quality fuel.