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Clean Fuels Associates Inc provides a number of services that could be helpful in maintaining your fuel supply. Your business cannot run without power. It is a fact of the information, communication and transportation age. Most of that power still comes from petroleum products. Whether it is a fuel tank to supply your fleet, your building’s emergency generator or your gas station customers your fuel needs to be cleaned. Our fuel and tank maintenance services can help your business stay functional. If you manage a fleet of vehicles, the cost of just one engine failure and replacement can pay for a filtration service for at least four years or more. Why risk that kind of cost in a single day when you can prolong the life of your vehicles by using clean fuel? What if your power goes out at your building? You will need the back up of your emergency generator, which is sitting and waiting for a day to be used. Imagine that the fuel in your generator tank is dirty and grimy and the generator engine fails. Not having emergency power is an extremely high risk and could even result in heavy fines to your business. Don’t take the risks associated with dirty fuel, call us today to get a free fuel sample test* and a free estimate to clean your tank. Don’t take the risks associated with dirty fuel.  Call Clean Fuels Associates, Inc today to get a free fuel sample test and a free estimate to clean your tank.

We Stand Behind Our Work

Our Filter Flush System is designed to remove all impurities and cycle clean fuel back into your tank under pressure. This continuous “kidney” system runs until samples show that both your fuel and tank are clean. We recommend having your tanks cleaned about once a year depending on the use of the tank. If you get frequent fuel deliveries then you probably want to have it done more often. To help you manage your fuel and storage tanks, Clean Fuels Associates can custom design annual, semi-annual and bi-annual service contracts that will make your tanks hassle free and could save you up to 25% on your cleaning services.
Clean Fuels Associates stands behind the work of our experienced technicians. As long as your tank is functioning properly, we guarantee our work for up to 30 days after a Filter Flush or until you receive your next fuel delivery. If you have any problem with your fuel after you receive our service, we will come back at no additional cost to make sure your fuel is clean.

Free Fuel test includes sampling and observation testing. Free testing does not include multicultural tests and bottom, sediment and water tests as may be required for your tanks by federal, state or local laws. B/S/W tests and Multicultural testing is priced at a minimum of $100.00

What Sets Clean Fuels Apart From the Rest?

Clean Fuels Associates is the only fuel and tank cleaning company that runs state of the art equipment above and beyond OSHA and state safety standards and EPA and DOT regulations. We are also registered as a “Hazardous Materials Recycling Facility” with the Environmental Protection Agency. This ensures both tracking and proper disposal of all generated Hazardous Material in accordance with federal and state legislation and other regulatory compliance.

Clean Fuels is a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business. This means we must follow a strict code of conduct in the areas of customer service and general business practices. We are also awaiting the award of our own U.S. General Services Administration schedule in which we are the only company to be Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned in our industry.

Our work is guaranteed for up to 30 days after your service*. If you were to have any problems within 30 days of service and you have not received a new fuel delivery, Clean Fuels will come back out and perfect the job for free.

In summary, we are operating with more compliance and integrity then any competitor. Moving forward, our customers and the public as a whole can have full confidence that our company will adhere to and set the highest standards in the fuel industry.

*30 day guarantee is honored under the condition that the tank is functioning according to manufacturer specifications and no new fuel has been added to the tank since service. Customer may be responsible for 3rd party tank testing costs associated with guaranteeing work.

Having a Plan Saves You Time and Money

You have thousands, possibly millions or even billions of dollars invested in your business. Whether you deal in food, data, operate a customer call center or distribute goods, your business’ success is dependent on electricity being delivered to you and your employees. Meanwhile, your customers satisfaction depends on your data center to stay up and running at all times.

You dedicate money to your generator and your fuel supply. So you want to take the proper steps to make sure your investment is protected and going to work when you need it. With fuel issues causing three out of nine generator failures, part of that investment should be in protecting the fuel you have already purchased.

State and local building codes also incorporate NFPA 110. If your business or property has an emergency generator to preserve safety or life in the event of a power outage, this rule requires you to test and maintain those generator systems and the fuel stored within the tanks. Your generator maintenance company, undoubtedly, takes great care of the generator itself, but they typically don’t maintain the fuel over the months and years it sits, waiting to be used. The NFPA 110 states that “Provisions shall be made to remediate fuel that is stale or contaminated…”.

Clean Fuels provides all the services you need to comply with your NFPA 110 fuel rules and regulations. We provide D975 testing and our filtration services are designed to help you pass the ASTM standards. Why risk your investments when a fuel filtration service can save you thousands?