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What is Fuel Polishing?

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What is Fuel Polishing? Throughout the 2000’s the oil refining industry begin feeling the pressures of the economic demands to produce higher yields of fuel. As a result of heightened demand and increased production, chemical agents are being introduced to the refining process, leading to diminished fuel longevity. Furthermore, government regulations have mandated a reduction in the sulfur content in […]

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NFPA 110, What Is It?

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NFPA 110, What Is It? If you are a facility manager for a mission-critical facility, data center or municipality, you understand that your facility must adhere to federal guidelines. One such policy is The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 110. It is the standard for Emergency and Standby Power Systems. The regulations provide specific requirements for acceptance testing of an […]

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How to Winterize Boat Fuel

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How to Winterize Boat Fuel How do you ensure your fuel won’t go bad over the winter and cause problems next season? One school of thought says you must drain the tank, while another claims you need to fill the tank for winter storage. The theory of a full tank is that there won’t be leftover space in the reservoir […]

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Fuel Phase Separation Causes, Detection, and Treatment

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Fuel Phase Separation Causes, Detection, and Treatment Most of the gasoline sold in the United States consists of an ethanol blend. The increased use of blended fuels creates a potential for a condition known as phase separation. Phase separation occurs when water is present. It can happen in almost any situation where gas is stored. In your car’s fuel tank, […]

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Hurricane Recovery First Response

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Hurricane Recovery First Response As we have recently witnessed, hurricanes are capable of causing devastating damage to communities. Texas and Louisiana have experienced the brunt of Hurricane Harvey, resulting in the worst flooding the United States has ever seen. The constant deluge of wind and rain pounded the areas for days, and the destruction is heart-wrenching. Authorities say that recovery […]

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Home Heating Oil Tank Maintenance

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Home Heating Oil Tank Maintenance Every year homeowners contemplate the price of heating oil. And, as seen in years past the market can be highly volatile. Many times heating costs are the only things folks think about. However, one of the worst things you could do neglect your fuel reservoir. No one wants to wake up on a cold winter […]

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The Difference Between Summer and Winter Fuel Blends

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The Difference Between Summer and Winter Fuel Blends Every fall, convenient stores convert from a summer fuel blend to a winter fuel blend. While the switch over from the summer fuel blends may mean lower prices at the pump for consumers, what does it all really mean? What is the real difference between summer fuel vs. winter fuel blends? Further, […]

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Unexpected Businesses That Need Backup Generators

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Unexpected Businesses That Depend on Backup Generators In recent years the Southern and Eastern parts of the U.S. have seen their share of powerful blizzards and hurricanes. Losing power affects production and directly impacts your bottom line. In addition, an interruption in power could endanger your employees, clients, patients, and customers. There are many unexpected businesses that need backup generators. […]

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The Importance of Hurricane Preparedness For Your Business

Hurricane Preparedness Featured

The Importance of Hurricane Preparedness For Your Business We cannot stress enough about the importance of hurricane preparedness. The worst time to realize that your backup diesel fuel and generators are not ready is in the midst of a catastrophe. This year, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA), is predicting an above-average Atlantic hurricane season. Forecasters anticipate anywhere from […]

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How to Detect Water in Your Fuel Tank

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How to Detect Water in Your Fuel Tank Does your facility use underground storage tanks (UST) to store fuel for backup generators? Do you store fuel underground for your fleet of vehicles? Does your facility use oil for heating? Perhaps your organization’s mandate does not allow power failures to compromise performance, making it a mission critical facility, i.e., backup power […]

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Update to NYC Boiler Fuel Regulations

NYC Boiler Fuel Regulations

UPDATE TO NYC BOILER FUEL REGULATIONS According to the New York State Department of Conservation as of April 2011, New York City adopted new boiler fuel regulations. It required owners of at least 10,000 buildings within the city to convert from using #6 and #4 heating oil to a cleaner burning #2 oil. The conversion started July 2012, with a […]

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Clean Air Act Updates to Renewable Fuel Standards

Clean Air Act Updates to Renewable Fuel Standards

CLEAN AIR ACT UPDATES TO RENEWABLE FUEL STANDARD The fuel industry received a bit of a reprieve at the end of 2015, when the EPA announced revisions and the finalized renewable fuel standards associated with the Clean Air Act, originally introduced in 2005. A Bit of Fuel History In recent years, the issue of Global Warning has been on the […]

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Diesel Fuel Neglect: It Can Cost You

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Diesel Fuel Neglect: It Can Cost You If you have a diesel storage tank, standby tank, or holding tank, there could be a problem lurking inside. Pump the fuel out, and your machinery could suffer from lack of performance or worse, fuel starvation due to clogged filters. It is recommended for optimal diesel fuel maintenance, it should be inspected and […]

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The Four Fuel Fundamentals

Clean Fuels Associates Fuel Fundamentals

As engine tolerances and clearances get tighter to comply with today’s stringent environmental and combustion standards, fuel management must become top priority in order to keep diesel engines running. Here are some tips to make your fuel last as long as possible.

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Mission-Critical Generator Maintenance

Clean Fuels Associates Mission-Critical Generator Maintenance

Mission-Critical Generator Maintenance Diesel generator maintenance is essential for mission-critical facilities. Mission-critical infrastructures are required to operate properly, and if interrupted, the business’ operations will be significantly impacted. Mission-critical standby systems, such as generators, provide power to vital operations power systems (COPS) for public safety, national security, or business continuity. Most people associate mission-critical infrastructures with various government and military bases, […]

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West Closure Complex Avoids Disaster

West Closure Complex clean fuels associates

WEST CLOSURE COMPLEX AVOIDS DISASTER Going into the hurricane season, the one thing you don’t want to fail is a major hurricane levee drainage system in New Orleans. The new West Closure Complex in Belle Chasse, LA was designed to keep surges of water out, significantly reduces flooding from large storms.  Needless to say, this is an essential instrument in […]

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Converting Heating Sources

clean fuels associates converting heating sources NYC
CONVERTING HEATING SOURCES NYC Going From #5 Fuel Oil to #2 Heating Oil New York City will be converting heating sources. By law, burning of Number 6 fuel oil will phased out in the very near future. Should you wait until the last minute until making the switch to cleaner fuel oil in your own building? Does it make sense [...]Keep Reading